About Emjai Rose

At Mystic Moon, spiritualist Emjai Rose merges her intuitive powers with a philosophy of healing that runs much deeper than simply forecasting futures. Emjai’s gift is in finding healing for both today and tomorrow. Through gentle empowerment her clients are guided by her sensitivity to the channels of the universe and the wisdom of her higher guides. Emjai searches, to the benefit of those that come to her, individual truths, unique paths to happiness and a better understanding of self through palmistry, tarot, & astrology.

Through her adept use of Reiki Massage and Aromatherapy each person who enters her serene Kensington retreat, achieves a sense of overall balance, peace and wellness on all levels in the body, mind & spirit.
“Through spiritual awareness I will help you to resolve your past, understand your present and tune into your future. Together we can empower you to address your life in its challenges and mysteries.”


Emjai Rose