Lighter than Swedish massage, in aromatherapy massage, Emjai selects premium essential oil blends to suit each individual’s particular concerns and needs. In a soothing, relaxing massage that promotes circulation, nourishes the body, and will simply make you say “aaaaaahhhh,” these special oils are rubbed gently into the body, almost seeming to penetrate the soul. Absorbed quickly, they promote synergistic healing in an unwinding environment.


Some of Emjai’s blend choices are:


Peace and calm




How will you feel after a treatment by Emjai? You will feel relaxed. Your circulatory system will be stimulated. The organs of your body will be nourished.



This treatment will be complimented by any of the other healing sessions, including -

         Aura and Chakra Balancing

         Ear Candling

         Inner Wave Resonance Treatment

        Hair Pulling and Scalp Massage


1/2hr $50

1hr $95