Tarot and Palmistry

At the age of 12, Emjai began reading books on tarot, palmistry and spiritualism. It wasn’t until she was 15, however, that she discovered she too was one of those blessed with intuitive gifts. She has been using her gifts ever since to heal and guide others. With eighty per cent accuracy in her readings, she can uncover the roots of roadblocks in life and illuminate pathways to greater happiness and harmony.

Palmistry is one of Emjai’s main esoteric tools.

“I am fascinated by its whole mystic. Each palm is so unique, every hand completely individual. Like the phases of the moon, it reflects the phases of our lives. The fact that the lines in our hands can change at any time, in reflection of the choices we make, means we literally hold our lives in the palm of our hands."



1/2hr $50

1hr $100